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Monday, June 22, 2009

Before My Journey Began

I started learn magic since i was form 3, that means when i was 15 years old. But, i start doing magic show performance when i was 19 years old. Beside magic, i like to sing as well, i start joining singing competition when i was form 2.
There are few reason why i like to sing or perform magic, when i was in secondary, i am quite active, but when i was in primary school, i am a fat and cute little kid (haha... i don't think so). I think maybe is because of my body size, people around me(especially girls) scare to get close to me, and this make me feel lonely. But i hope i can be a very talk active person or to be an entertainer to entertain my friends around me so that i got more and more friends.

Beside of this reason, i am a person that love the feeling when i standing on the stage, i enjoy the applause, the light shooting on you, especially the smile on the audience face, let me feel very happy, comfortable, enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy =p
When i was small, i like to watch magic show, because i felt that it's cool, but people around me who watching magic show will said "OMG, That is really fantastic, unbelievable!!!" but there is few people will said "i hope one day, i can become a person like HIM" and i am the one who said this.
On that time, i am staying in a small town in johor, i don't even have any sources to learn magic. Some times, i really believe in fate. until when i was 15 years old, i went to one of the shopping complex in KL with my school trip, i saw a small stall selling magic prob with RM100 to get 10 learning VCD, 4 Deck of magic gimmick card, and some other small tricks prob. i really can't wait to buy it because that was my dream and i hope to learn for so long. on that time, i am following my school trip that's what my parents don't pay me a lot, but i didn't think a lot and just bought it. and i play this all things for 7-9 months time.
Until another day, my elder brother bring me to KL for holidays, and he heard that a restaurant named "Magical Theater Restaurant (MTR)" that perform magic in front of you. My elder brother bring me there and i met a person that change my life and he is also my best friend ever.
He share his magic knowledge with me, he give me information about magic, it's just like i am a plain white paper, and he drew all the colorful knowledge on it. and my journey began. On that time, i wanted to called him "sifu" means master in Cantonese, but he told me that he don't want me to called him sifu because he treat me as a best friend that's why he share all the information for me. But i do respect him a lot because he help me a lot not only about magic that's why i called him "dailou" haha......

This two video clip is the first magic video clip that i took on that time when i first knew "dailou". He is the one who record these clip, on the same time, he is also the one who direct the video so that you can heard the sound of him in it.

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