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Friday, July 10, 2009

Yuen Garden Dim Sum

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Hi there, this Dim Sum Restaurant is quite good

For chilling with friends when you just wake up in the morning.

Because the Environment for me is quite nice and relaxing.

It's a double storey Shop,

And here are the photo for the environment upstairs.

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There is half open air, and you can breath fresh air in it,

i go quite early, that's why u can't see the population yet,

Before we go, there is full house in it.

Let's go for the foods,

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I had ordered Ha Gao, Ma Lat Ha Gao, Siew Mai, Tai Sek Char Fu Zok, Salad Ha, Yao Char Guai, Char Siew Bao, and Kei Zi

let me introduce one by one for you haha...

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This is Ma Lat Ha Gao,
It's almost same like Ha Gao but had already added some vegetable in it,
and also with the chili oil and it's quite spicy.

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Siew Mai, it's a traditional food in Dim Sum,
taste is quite normal, not too bad not too good.

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Tai Sek Char Fu Zok, too soft,
not enough crunchy,
but the taste is quite good.

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Ha Gao, the prawn is very fresh,
i like this ^^

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Yao Char Guai, it's not warm, the skin not crunchy.
but if they sell after fried, that will be very nice,
because the taste very nice.

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Ke Zhi, out side is eggplant, inside is fishcake, and deep fried it,
this is a type of Yong Tao Fu,
taste nice also.

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Salad Ha, is quite similar with Ha Gao,
and the best thing i like is the prawn is fresh enough.

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Chao Lo Bak Kou,
when u order this sure it's hot,
because they sell it after cook.

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Char Siew Bao,
2 words, Very Nice!!! ( but a bit small) =p

This is the price list that you can have a look

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All food that i ordered already post on top,
and the price for overall is :
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