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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Searching For The 3rd Path

Hi guys, i going to start from when i was young again ^^

my 1st path in my life is hope to be singer,

although i am not a famous singer,

but at least i did make it to be a singer.

i get lots of prize in singing competition when i was secondary.

on that time, i did go to performed lots of singing performance,

until i came to KL to continue my 2nd path,

i did some singing performance too.

my 2nd path in my life,

is to be a magician, and doubtless, i did it,

and i did it more better than my 1st path,

i quite satisfy with my previous performances.

but, actually there is a dream for me that no one would know,

because i think i never told anyone before,

that is to become a saxophonist.

and this is my 3rd path. but this is different

with 1st and 2nd path,

i will not set myself to be famous or performed a lot,

just if when the time come by maybe i will.

because there is a lot of thing for me to do is more important,

i am not young,

it's time for me to prepared myself to face my future.

i would like to be a saxophonist is because

i really love the sound of it,

i do LOVE saxophone a lot,

but i there is one thing i will do,

that is to post my 1st saxophone video here ^^

stay tune guys for my 1st saxophone video clip.

i am looking for path of learning it,

i hope to share My Experience to everyone.

wish you guys found your dream,

and also wish your dream come true.

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