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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tada~ My 1st Saxophone in my life

Hi Guys,

Really sorry for my late Update to my blog.

I just went to Japan on 14 December 2009,

and i just came back from Japan on 6 January 2010.

i have a great time in Japan,

Let's skip the Japan part...

i bought my very first saxophone in my whole life in Japan.

"Yamaha YAS-274"

I can't really tell how i feel when i get my 1st sax in my life.

and when i get my saxophone,

i tell myself, i am going to start my very new journey !


i had started my very 1st saxophone class on end of January.

sadly, that is my first class

and until now i still haven't attend the continue classes.

and i have to wait until after Chinese New Year.

Honestly, playing a saxophone is really.... HARD !!!!

but luckily, i still got my passion!!

there is a sentence by someone i don't really know,

but i love it,

"If you dream, you'll never reach. If you dare, passion will bring you there"

My first experience of saxophone class is a little...

"Shock"?? i think...

because when i first met my teacher,

he told me,

"if you want to learn saxophone, you must be patient"

"because, if you want to be a professional Saxophonist,

you need Years to train"

when i heard what he told me, it's quite pressure.

because my saxophone teacher teach saxophone for 15 Years,

but, for me, i don't really care about the time period,

because what i want is just to learn and enjoy,

because i LOVE saxophone. =p

When the class start, he(teacher) ask me to blow with the "neck"

of the saxophone, because he said

"every beginner must start from this,

you have to blow sound with this neck with the body of the sax"

"and this actually take more more than 2 class time to blow out

a constant sound"

when i heard this,

actually i am quite nervous because i know nothing about saxophone,

i touch saxophone before but not blow it.

so i try to blow the 1st time, no sound...

then i try 2nd time, OMG...

the sound came out.

this time, the teacher stare and me and said,

"blow again with a long constant sound"

i try again and... i did it !!!!

my teacher face came out a happy face and said

"you are born to play saxophone"

"9 months non-stop playing saxophone"

"and you will become a professional"

you know how i feel??

i feel like jumping around like a monkey,

and shout out loud.

"you a born to play saxophone"

these words touch me.

i tell myself i wanna be a professional after that. lolx

hopefully though...

there is one thing i don't like is...

the music notes...

i have to memories all of that???

omg... that's really kill me....

but anyhow,

i hope i can post my very 1st saxophone video here for you guys.

stay tune...

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