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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Acapella - Legaci

Hey guys,

sorry for my late update of my blog.

firstly, if people said the words "acapella" who or what you will think of?

acapella its a group of wonderful group vocal voice or singing without using any instrument.

for me, when people mention about acapella, i will think of an artist group name Rockapella.

but, rencently i found a wonderful acapella group in youtube.

the group name Legaci. the first time i heard is from one of their member singing i'm yours.

he created this i'm yours from jason mraz to an acapella version.

and he sang this acapella only alone and combine all his vocal to create a song.

and he hit more than 1 million views. after that, i saw his description said that he got a group.

and the group name Legaci.

it's really a wonderful match of a acapella group.

here's a song that is my favorite name Baby from justin bieber and they create an acapella version.

Guys, enjoy the Legaci

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