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Friday, April 2, 2010


Life? What is life? I had already living on the earth for 22 years. is this 22 years time means life? 

there is lots of different type of life out there, but is it there is people out there having the same life i have?

if yes, can i meet you? because i want to know how you think with your life. a life with love... 

with someone you love or maybe with someone who love you. 

family? girl friend? wife? husband? children? some time i was thinking...

people who living without love will be happy? or must have love only they can be happy? 

let say with love but with lots of rules, would you still be happy? 

Guys, would you like to let rules tight with you? 

i mean like example: must back home before 10pm because is dangerous out there, 

so your parents set that or maybe your wife. 

how about some time when u having your party out there but when you feel like stay a bit longer, 

what will happen? example your girl friend tell you that you can't go out with other girl if not she will kill you.

how bout some times you have to meet someone else that is a girl? maybe your friend? close friend? 

customers? so how you going to settle those so core misunderstanding? 

currently, i was thinking of lots of my memories when i was 18 to 21. 

there is beautiful memories, there is sad memories, suffer memories. but is all that for real? 

i lost myself... i lost my confidence, lost my friends, lost my future plan, lost my personality, lost my life...

especially when i was 20. i lost all this because i change and i give up because of some reason. 

but am i doing wrong? am i doing right? or wrong? can i chase it back all i lost? how? 

love is blind... yea... lots of people think that love is blind because you can't see other thing but love, 

so that you will do lots of things that you unexpected and maybe regret. 

love is blind is it because you are blind. you blind which in you lost everything? what is life? 

8am work until 8pm jam from 8pm to 9pm. reach home bath, dinner, maybe chill until 10pm nap. 

everyday, 1 day off a week. means life. 

morning golf, noon fishing, night dinning, cigar, wine, pretty car, pretty shirt. mean life too. 

morning worry for lunch, noon, worry for dinner, worry for place to stay, worry for living. 

mean life. my life, morning till noon class, night chill with friends, girl friend, doing show, 

weekend sleep till noon, girl friend, night some time girl friend too. mean life too. what is your life? 

your life tight with some one else? can i change my life? a life that no one tight you? 

you can do what you want to do, can go where ever you want, 

can join what ever people you want with no worries. 

a life that i am the one who control my daily schedule everyday, can i.....

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