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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tenshi No Koi

Tenshi No Koi, Tenshi = Angle, No Koi = Love

Just finish watching this movie, let me think a lot of things about life.

lucky, the ending of this movie is a happy ending.

guys, do you ever think that if you get to know you left 1 years life to live,

what you will do for your last 1 year to live in the world?

mostly i think no one will think about this question,

they don't even asked themselves. so do i.

there is how many people out there live in such happiness life than others did.

but they won't realize that they are happy enough,

because there is a human naturalism to demand more and more.

if you compare with African, then you will know how lucky you are.

do you ever think before are you happy by doing what you doing currently?

your jobs, your living habits, your hobby, your relationship?

or you are living because of something?

to have a better life? to survive?

why there is a lot of people out there can live full of happiness

although they need to worry for their every single meal?

this movie inspired me.

why we need to care so much about how people looking at us?

why we don't just do things that we want to do?

but living by caring how people look at us.

how long we can live in this world?

50 years? 70 years? 90 years?

how old are you? how long you can live more in the world?

40 years? 50 years?

after you minus the time while you sleep,

left how long still? is that enough more for you?

do what you want to do,

don't care what people looking at you,

at least you are happy while doing it.

treasure what ever you have now,

think yourself, how lucky you are by living in your current life.

strongly recommend you to watch this movie,

although is boring because there is no action, no comedy in this movie,

but it really gave me a lot of motivation for what i am going to do soon.

because i am happy to do what i am going to do.

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