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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Fighter

Just came back from watching this Movie named .
The reason i watching this movie, is quite funny.
actually i wanted to watch the ,
who knows, it's FULL !!!
then we go for , , etc...
and it's totally FULL in the cinema.
even, at our last decision was the new Malay movie that i forgot the name.
who knows, 3 freaking cinema open for the movie and FULL again.
oh ya, it's Friday night, DUH~
so we have no point to chose this movie that had already started for like 20 minutes.
at first, i din't gave much expectation on this movie
because we are already there in the cinema and have no choice.
but who know, this is my lucky day.
because it is an awesome movie for me and maybe not for others.
or else you like this kind of movie like me. haha...
The movie story line is base on a true story of a boxer named Micky.
Micky used to train by his brother who also a boxer named Dicky.
and Dicky was addicted with drug and always go in to jail.
their dream is to achieve to be a world heavy weight champion.
And, it's end with a happy ending.
i am quite lazy to explain all. haha...
anyway, you can try to watch it.
it's not much action inside, but tears, argue, love, humor.
but it is very excited to watch the boxing part.
if you like to watch boxing match, you will know that kind of feeling.
for me, i felt like punching the other boxer with his attitude while watching. haha...
the part i like is the ending part at the match,
and also the part when they training. inspire me of something.
i will give 7 out of 10 for this movie.
you can also watch the trailer before you decide to watch it ^^
here are the trailer :
oh wait, feel free can left me a comment or can write anything at the chat box,
i will reply when i see it ^^
thanks for reading.
here here, your trailer :

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