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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Live Tsunami Video (you may want to see it)

Thousands of people were feared dead yesterday 
after a tsunami triggered by one of the biggest earthquakes in history hit Japan.
Ships, trains, buildings and cars were swept away as monster 33ft waves
smashed into the port city of Sendai.
But Japanese authorities said 80,000 people are missing.
And fear the death toll will rise dramatically in the coming days.
Hundreds of fires continued to burn last night in Kesennuma,

a coastal town of 70,000 people, with little hope of being put out.
A boat carrying 80 dock workers was swept away in the 500mph tidal wave
while a cruise ship with 100 passengers is also thought to be missing.

Officials have lost contact with four trains which are 
feared to have been engulfed by the tsunami along the coastline.
They include two of the famous bullet trains, one of them with 400 passengers.
As entire communities remained cut off, 
one emergency worker said: 
“We witnessed biblical scenes. Huge container ships were tossed around like matchsticks. 
There was nothing anyone could do.” 

The quake is the sixth largest of all time and the worst to hit Japan
Capital Tokyo survived the tremors relatively unscathed
but one million residents in the north eastern city of Sendai 
watched in horror as the mammoth wall of water struck without warning.
I can't even describe the feeling while watching these videos...
have a look with it here....

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