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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What You Want To Do If Tomorrow Is The Last Day You Stay Alive?

Human mind are really special. No one can really give a definition of it. For example, if i ask you, yes, you who reading this, "what you want to do if tomorrow is the last day you stay alive?" like a lot of people saying that 2012 is coming.

I heard a lot of male said they want to rape girls, robe the bank, kill someone, just right before they die. They hope to do things that they can't do because it's against law. but although they are going to die soon, so they rather to do it before they die. because of this matter, actually make me realize something. all of the human who still living are being fake, inside their deep heart, maybe because of law, make their negative thinking become bigger and bigger.

A lot of people nowadays post a lot of 2012 news or prediction on the internet. I don't think is a good matter, instead it will became worse. Because of all this prediction, made a lot of people felt worry and scare. And later, maybe a lot of crime case i think. like last time i forgot which year, a prediction out from Singapore let a lot of Singaporean worry about the prediction. why? why we have to live like that?

Let's pretend the prediction is true, so what? die? who know we can live how long? who knows you still can stay alive maybe tomorrow? why you don't live everyday like the next day will be the day u die? there is also a lot of people have a good mind to do what they want before the day the die. Like some of them they hope to travel? some of them want to spend more time with their loves one? some of them want to achieve their dreams.

I think most of the people have a dream. And for sure, they hope their dream will come true. But a lot of people they only think or dream, but never do to let it come true. why don't they do it although there is no 2012? why they don't be more motivate to succeed their dream?

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