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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{UPDATED} Complaint's Toward McDonald Delivery Malaysia

I posted a complaint on McDonald's Facebook Page on March 15th 2013

Here is the content that i posted :

i am very disappointed with MCD Delivery, the reason is because you always delivered after the time you promised. it has been 4 years... i cant even count how many times i order mcd delivery, but one thing for sure is your delivery late every time. i order from mcd kuchai lama. not even in a peak hour like now i am still waiting. it's already 1 and a half hour waiting and i am starving waiting to eat. the most funny thing is, when i look back my track order online, it stated
DELIVERED but i am starving here looking at it. was wondering why you put that track order for? is it because DOMINO did that? so that you want to did the same things? yes, have no doubt i like your food. but with this kind of service? come on uncle mcdonald... i order is because this hour others competitors already closed. only you, and i keep on giving you chance to make the service better. but you really disappointed me. i will rather stay starving nor giving my stomach a hope to have a meal in more than 1 and a half hour time starving. i called every time after my order to customer service to complaint. but there is no changes. i wrote this is because this will be my last time ordering. but i don't think you will care about your customer since you have a lot of customer. its ok, happy starving.

Then i comment this :

Finally it's here after 2 hour 15 minutes, But my food is death cold, my float and sundae meltd into watery, and i ask the rider " Kenapa Lambat hari ini?" he answered " aiyo, banyak order hari ni la" and sitting on the stairs in front of my house while answering my question and pretend like he's tired and waiting for tips, Great rider too.

After that, a lot of people comment on my post and tell their bad experienced they have with McDonald,

 you guys can have a look with the post by clicking HERE

the Facebook McDonald Page admin commented on my post

 same like comment on others complainted post, as us make a complaint on their website.

actually i did it when the time i post on FB page and i also submit my compaints before i saw the post.

After a week more later, 22th March 2013

i received a call from the manager of McDonald's Kuchai Lama,

He apologize what experienced that i have and he offer me a free delivery

with the same menu i order that time, then i said i just finish my dinner that time,

he said let him know anytime and he will keep the offer for me,

and he will send the order for me by himself to apologize. 

i called him 3 days after that, this time he delivered to me in 1 hour time.

he came late because he can't find my place, i think it's quite reasonable because he is the manager,

manager won't ride on a bike and send the order by himself right?

then fine, but unfortunately, the food is cold again.

but for me, i am bored of complaining.... just eat....

after that, he gave me hi personal contact number and told me

to let him know after i make any order and he will make sure the food send to me on time.

few days after, i decided to order again since he gave me a good offer.

then i order online, and i personally contact him to tell him that i ordered online.

this time, the order come in 45 minutes. very efficient.

BUT, they sent left 2 items to me. then i complaint to the manager left 2 item,

then he told me, "sorry sir, i will send that two item to you with free of charge"

to be honest, as a consumer, we don't really mind what you free for us,

as long as you did you job done nicely then we'll satisfy.

it's not you free this free that to us, then we will happy.

try to think, when we will call for delivery?

simple, HUNGRY, LAZY.

it's when you're hungry and lazy to go out right?

so, when you are hungry for 45 minutes and end up you have to wait another 45 minutes 

to wait for the FREE item, would you be happy?

Maybe my feng shui with McDonald not match, that is why 

McDonald Delivery is always had bad experience for me.

it'll never happen on Domino's and KFC's Delivery. LOVE IT.


Angel Tan May Ee said...

Wait~KFC also did something to us although they never send our meal late but they do make us angry also is they give us the lager mash potato sauce to us but dun have any potato inside. This is the terrible things happen lo.. Also two time already.

Boswell Tee said...

ya, forgot about it. but it still, much more better compare to McD coz they deliver MUCH more early than McD